Goblin Friendship Club (Seasonal Subscription)

Goblin Friendship Club (Seasonal Subscription)

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Welcome to the goblin village! The air is damp, laughter echoes between ramshackle buildings, and something peculiar is always afoot. We're making strange and wondrous things. Perhaps you belong here?

My name is Avery Alder. I'm a game designer and queer goblin with a keen curiosity about how to build community and tenderness in the margins of a scary world. The Goblin Friendship Club is a network of support and celebration, helping me do the work that I most want to do in the world.

Your support allows me to do some really exciting things:

  • Offer a site-wide 30% discount option for those living in poverty or experiencing marginalized access to the games community (coupon code: affordable).

  • Develop new strategies for game design teaching, mentorship, and knowledge-sharing. Currently, I'm working on a game design course using Thinkific.

  • Work on new games and scrappy little projects.

  • Get involved in local activism and community projects.

  • Work on finishing my degree in Labour Studies.

In the lead-up to every equinox and solstice, I'll send you an email with updates about all the projects I've been working on. I'll enclose a special goblin gift - a new game, supplemental content for an existing favourite, a digital zine, or some other treat!

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Goblin Friendship Club is a seasonal subscription - you'll pay now, and again every three months to the day. The only question remaining is: what sort of goblin are you? A friendly rogue, eager auntie, or offbeat inventor?


Friendly Rogue

You're always bringing in coins and trinkets, sharing them with the community. And in return, we share our stories and hearth with you.

Friendly Rogues keep the work sustainable and interesting, by affording me the opportunity to keep following my heart in the work that I do.

Once per season, you'll receive the email update and special goblin gift.


Eager Auntie

You're never hard to find - cozied up on the porch with tea, spreading gossip round the knitting circle, or wiping muck off some scoundrel kid's face. You work magic behind the scenes of our community.

Eager Aunties love to strengthen their community. Their support empowers me to continue to develop new skills, give back to my community, and develop new teaching and mentorship tools to offer to fellow game designers. Right now, my particular focus is on completing a degree in Labour Studies, and developing an online game design course through Thinkific.

As an Eager Auntie, you'll have access to my entire game library over PDF. Whenever I create a new online course, you'll get a free access code for it. Once per season, you'll receive an email update and special goblin gift.


Offbeat Inventor

What strange things are you working on today, in your little tinker shack? You're always making and breaking and making again, bringing new possibilities into the world.

Offbeat Inventors are signing up for personal, one-on-one design consulting. Each season, I'll invite you to share your work and questions with me. I'll offer you 3-4 consulting hours, tailored to your needs: advice, dialogue, design workshopping, structural editing, layout support, workflow recommendations, else.

Offbeat Inventors also support me in all the projects that Eager Aunties do, and receive all those perks as well.


"Avery is a brilliant game designer and her feedback is invaluable. She has offered detailed and actionable critiques of my current project (Circles of Power), both to address the complex social issues associated with the game and the mechanical systems it uses. Her design consultancy is worth it's weight in gold."
-Jason Pitre, Genesis of Legend Publishing

The three beautiful images I've used on this page are by the late Arthur Rackham.